Newsletter July 2019


        Maraj Ahmed
         Immigration Adivsor

The month of June has again been very exciting in terms proposals and changes in the immigration policies of major migrating countries. Some of the highlights includes:The Trump’s government has proposed US’ immigration policy’s shifting from family immigration and H-1B visas to a points based skilled migration plan like Canada and Australia. This gives an indication that the world’s talent hunting race between the major countries will become more competitive. The expected entry of USA into the points based skilled immigration might help to lower down the points selection criteria of Australia and Canada. On the other hand Australia, New-Zealand and Canada will continue to promote  regional sponsored pathway for migration instead of independent visa class. Furthermore, Australia’s skilled category quota for this financial year 2019/2020 has been lowered by 30000  whereas Canada’s hasincreased their quota of number of skilled migrant for the current financial year.

Overall it is expected that the residence policies of most countries will shift from offering direct permanent residency to a regional based sponsorship visas.
As getting closer to Brexit, UK’s new ‘start up’ and  “Innovator Visa” are slowly but gradually gaining popularity in the market. It is expected that the “Start Up Visa” in particular will be a very successful visa for young entrepreneurs.
Germany is beginning to gain ground to attract foreign talent by offering a similar point based immigration system as other countries to do. The skilled category is expected to be launched in early 2020.

Currently, Switzerland and Singapore have been rated as the largest skilled talent hunting countries of the world.
Saudi Arab has recently announced a premium residence program in which first time permanent residence stream has been made accessible to aspiring applicants.
UK and Canada are shaping up their student visa policies to become more attractive destinations in the coming years, while it appears that international student visapolicies of Australia, USA and New Zealand would not be as promising as before. Consequently, it is expected that new policies of the countries would not allow a permanent settlement options for international students after studies.



Australian visas: What’s changed from 1st July 2019:
The level of immigration to Australia had the centre stage for the better part of the last year with the Government announcing some of the most significant changes seen in the recent years, including slashing the permanent intake for the first time in nearly a decade.


Former Minister says Immigration NZ should not assume all partnership visas are fake:
Immigration New Zealand has been unfair in assuming all partnership visa applications are fake, according to a former Minister.


Malaysia Tech Entrepreneur Programme:
Malaysia Tech Week 2019 wrapped up recently having successfully gathered industry players, start-ups and SMEs. The aim of the event was to strategise ways for ecosystem builders to set up businesses in Malaysia, a recent report noted.


Canada updates list of eligible Global Talent Stream occupations:
The Government of Canada has updated the list of occupations that are eligible under its popular Global Talent Stream.


Britain introduces new rule for Tier-1 visa:
After the shambolic suspension and reinstating of the UK Tier-1 Investor visa in just a few days in December 2018, Britain’s Home Office has introduced stricter rules for the investment immigration program.


Trump says immigration raids coming ‘fairly soon’.
President Donald Trump said on Friday mass deportation roundups would begin “fairly soon” as U.S. migrant advocates vowed their communities would be “ready” when immigration officers come.


World’s most powerful passports for 2019 revealed.
The world’s most powerful passport in the third quarter of 2019 is Japan and Singapore’s passport, according to the Henley Passport Index, with citizens enjoying visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to 189 destinations across the world.



Our June-19 Updates:
  • 03 NZ Study Visa and 2 visit visas of New Zealand and Australia each were approved.
  • Temporary visa applications of NZ were largely processed during June followed by Australian and NZ skilled immigration application.
  • A large number of inquiries were received for Canadian immigration. 
  • A decision on the INZ’s complaint of 2016 was made by NZ Immigration Advisor Complaint Tribunal’s which was unfortunately against our Immigration advisor Maraj Ahmed which we believe not one of the best tribunal’s decisions in the recent days – The details of decision will shortly be published on our website.
  • In the coming months, we will be promoting more NZ and UK study visas and their other temporary visas.





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