Invest in New Zealand’s PGD Studies – YES

Although New Zealand’s new Labor party’s government has the intention to reduce the number of migrants to NZ each year which will largely affect student category. However students at post graduate level and skilled migrants will still be in demand for New Zealand. Therefore it is unlikely that there would be any reduction in the numbers of above two migrant categories in the next few years.

The option for JSV would also continue to find job after studies at post grad level. On the other hand, apparently there is no possibility of any change in the family visa categories of such students.

Taking into account of the likely changes in the NZ immigration policies, the best applicant for New Zealand would now be the one who is coming to study level 8 or above program. The case would further strengthen if the partner of the student is also skillful and can prove potential to find job in New Zealand job market.

After the 28 August changes in the skilled migrant category where outright residence approval without job offer has been eliminated, the option of study at post graduate level is now comparatively offers a great advantage for highly skilled individuals to improve their chances for getting skilled jobs in the New Zealand market. The one year JSV after one year studies at Level 7 or above program provides reasonably more opportunities to get skilled employment then the JSV against residence application.

I can indemnify that those skilled individuals who have 3-4 years relevant experiences if opt to enhance their qualification at post graduate level in New Zealand – they are definitely the need of NZ economy, and the job market in New Zealand is eager to absorb them.

In the given situation, this is no doubt one of the best options where the skilled student at one hand can achieve a worldwide recognized qualification which will be acceptable anywhere in the world and on the other hand it effectively opens doors for New Zealand’s residence for them.

By Maraj Ahmed
IAA License Immigration Advisor since 2010.