ISAS Professional Team

Our mission is to provide quality professional guidance to people wants to live, work and study abroad plan. We believe in achieving clients’ satisfaction through sincere guidance with experience along with intelligent application handling and complete reliance in the help of Allah, the all Mighty.


Mr. Maraj Ahmed (Managing Director of ISAS)

Mr. Siraj Ahmed (Immigration Manager)

Mr. Avais Ahmed (Immigration Manager)

Mr. Munir Ahmed (Manager Accounts & Admin)

Mr. Talha Nawaz (Case Officer)

Mr. Zeeshan Ahmed (Case Officer)

Mr. Sohail Farooqui (Accounts & Admin Officer)

Mr. Bilal Nawaz (Customer Service Officer)

Mr. Aleem Siddiqui (Case Officer)

Mr. Imran ul Haq (Admin Officer)

Mr. Ayaz ur Rahman (Case Officer)

Mr. Qasim Rauf (IT Officer)

Mr. M. Hassan Ahmed (Marketing Officer)

Mr. M. Salman Ahmed (Asst. Officer)

Mr. Umar Ahmed (Asst. Officer)