Successful Case Reference number: [2017] NZIPT 204055

2017 – Our client Mr. R. Atta, who is a 40 year old citizen of Pakistan applied for residence under the skilled migrant category without representation and was declined by Immigration new Zealand. The appellant’s application also included his wife of 36 years of age and two children aged six and two.

The residence application was declined by Immigration New Zealand because it was found that the qualifications did not meet the requirements of the Long Term Skill Shortage List (LTSSL), for the occupation of ICT Business Analyst. Since the applicant’s qualifications were not recognized, applicant was not awarded the points for his work experience and bonus points for his work experience in an area of absolute skills shortage.

Client contacted ISAS Consultants after the decision by INZ, our adviser Mr. Maraj Ahmed advised him to lodge an appeal to the Immigration and Protection Tribunal New Zealand.

The appeal has been applied under Mr. Maraj’s representation and on 3rd Oct, 2017 – The Tribunal Issued the decision and endorsed the plea of our adviser that the application was incorrectly declined beacause Immigration NZ failed to conduct a comparibility qualification assessment of the appellant’s qualification. Therefore, the application has been sent back to Immigration New Zealand for a correct assessment.

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