Success Stories

Mushtaq Siddiqui
Civil Engineer

First of all I would to like to thanks to you and all ISAS team who supported me throughout in my case.

Following is required details.

What I have read and what some of my friends who lives in AU told me, i am very much optimistic regarding my and my family future in AU but one thing is very much clear that i have to work really hard in 1st 6 months of my arrival in AU.

My case was very complicated when i first came to ISAS. My CDR was rejected by EA and they put me on 1 year ban. But i must say that Maraj Ahmed really helped me in this regard and with his guideline and support my 1 year ban was lifted.

I have already refer one of my family member for AU immigration and in future as well i will be referring ISAS as a 1st choice agent for AU/NZ immigration.

Thanks ISAS for making my case successful.