Success Stories

Syed Naveed Shah
ICT Professional

Initially I logged my case by myself but after a while I realized that I need a technical advisor who can asset me towards a right direction, even more for the detail technical discussion the Immigration officer some time prefer to talk to the technical advisor rather than me, somehow I faced the same screwed situation where I futile to convince Visa officer turn into my favor and at last visa officer categorically said…
If you are unable to provide more evidence upon your case we will decline your case
I checked couple of immigration advisory but I found most of them are not legitimate license holder by New Zealand Immigration Authority, at last I got Mr. Maraj name and address in New Zealand official Website and I contacted him and discussed my fragile case.
I got prompt and accurate advice. The entire team is very committed. I dealt as online customer as I am out of country and cannot come personally, on my case I had couple of online sessions on Skype. ISAS not only provide the advice but provide a concrete documentation which increase the chances in order to get visa without any hassle.
Of course, I would say within a short time if anyone want to organize his future towards immigration with having economical budge the ISAS is the place where you can get all the service under one banner.
Moreover, after getting the healthy consultation on my case I recommended my younger brother and my close friends to apply for New Zealand Immigration VIA ISAS consultation.