Success Stories

Muhammad Atif Yaqub
Unitec Institute of Technology
Postgraduate Diploma in Computing (Level 8)

ISAS consultants are very reliable and highly recommended consultants  because they  will guide you with clarity, . the  ISAS  ,being a registered INZ immigration advisor   the credibility of ISAS can not be questioned their honesty ,integrity and commitment is commendable  .It is worth mentioning here that ISAS maintains a very high reputation since many of my colleagues and acquaintances went to NewZealand through ISAS.

The quality of service was excellent ,they will  always remain in coordination with you it is  like you just give them your case and can relax  the out come will surely be positive.

The benefit of selecting a Licensed Immigration adviser was that it lessened the complexity of my case and  the way my case was handled i was very sure that i will get the visa .

I have referred many people to ISAS and the reason of recommending is that their dedication ,commitment and success rate.