Success Stories

Muhammad Aamir
AUT Student
Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing (Level 8)

My brother has referred me to Maraj SB (ISAS).
The service was extremely good. I am totally satisfied the way it was delivered during the course of my visa application.

The benefit which I got from choosing a Licensed adviser was the ultimate. By the time I got to know about my visa approval decision the time was very limited to send the passport to Dubai and get the visa paste on my passport. So,by the grace of ALLAH, Maraj SB being a licensed immigration adviser has done everything on behalf of me. He spoke with the immigration officer straight away and sort out the matter on an immediately basis.

Yes, Soon Insha ALLAH I am going to lodge my partner visa application through ISAS and also I have already recommended my lot of friends about ISAS.

I had such a wonderful experience with ISAS so there‚Äôs no reason why I shouldn’t recommend it to others. I would definitely refer it in my circle and would share my experience.

Besides this, if ISAS needs my help in anyway in future, I would love to remain available. Thanks for your services.