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Study: The combination of Canada’s natural environment and its reputation for high-quality education are just a few of the things that attract tens of thousands of foreign students to Canada every year. Foreign students choose to study in Canada because of the Canadian degrees and diplomas are recognized throughout the world. Canadian work experience is highly desirable by multi-national companies who actively recruit on Canadian campuses.

Immigration: Canada is one of the world’s top immigration destinations with over 200,000 new arrivals coming under the Canada immigration system every year. Deciding to immigrate to Canada is a significant step in the lives of those who pursue this dream. The Canada immigration section of our website has been created to help those seeking to live and work in Canada. Using ISAS services can play an important role in obtaining your Canadian visa and starting a new life.

  • Permanent resident card issued to individuals based on their skill set (Fastest way to get PR).
  • If you are a skilled worker with the right experience, skills and background, you might be able to make Canada your permanent home through Express Entry.
  • Foreign nationals can obtain Canadian Permanent Residency based on their educations, work experience and language ability.

Permanent residence in Canada for the main applicant, their spouse and dependent children under 22.

  • The Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) offers you a way to immigrate to Canada. Through the SINP, Saskatchewan.

  • The SINP is only one of the steps toward becoming a permanent resident in Saskatchewan.
  • Invites residency applications from non-Canadians who want to make Saskatchewan their home.
  • Nominates successful applicants to the federal government, so they can gain permanent residency in Canada.

Competitive application processing times.
Faster route for Canada immigration.
No precise occupation list.

The province offers state-of-the-art research and innovation facilities and top-quality educators. Universities, colleges and technical institutes in Saskatchewan offer a wide range of courses and credentials, from trade certifications to doctoral degrees.

Upon completion of a study program in Saskatchewan, international students can take advantage of bountiful skilled employment opportunities in the province, as well as options for permanent immigration to Canada.

After successful completion of the studies from Designated Learning Institutes (including University of Regina make University as a hyperlink of our website partner details) student will get open up to three year open work permit. Duration of work permit depend on the total year of the student visa.

  • High-Quality and Affordable Education
  • Among the provinces  who has the Lowest Unemployment Rate in Canada
  • Post study work visa
  • Higher chances for getting Provincial Nominee
  • Additional 05 points for completion of study on points grid
  • Additional 30 points for having High Skilled employment offer  

ISAS Consultants has recently shake hands with University of Regina which will also give benefit to our clients for streamline admission process.

After graduating from Saskatchewan, student can take two routes for getting from Nomination from the province:

International Skilled Worker class: Applicant must have minimum 60 points on assessment grid and meet the point selection criteria. Student who graduated from the Saskatchewan will get extra points in the assessment grid.   

Saskatchewan Experience class:  Applicant must have minimum 60 points on assessment grid and meet the point selection criteria. Students also have 6 months (960 hours) work experience with the Saskatchewan employer. 

Following are the some detail of the ideal candidate who can meet the criteria:

  • Completed one year program from Designated Learning Institute (DLI) from Saskatchewan
  • Previously have bachelor / Master degree
  • Age – Between 22-45 years
  • Experience – 5 years and more -8 years of experience
  • IELTS – CLB 8 (Listening 7.5 and 6.5 in other modules)

Question: How can a potential international student apply to study in Saskatchewan?

  • To apply for a Canadian study permit, prospective international students must first obtain a letter of acceptance from a Designated Learning Institution (DLI).

Question: What are the top universities in Saskatchewan?

  • University of Regina and University of Saskatchewan

Question: Is University of Regina Designated Learning Institute (DLI)?

  • Yes University of Regina is Designated Learning Institute (DLI) number O19425660270

Question: Which areas of study are particularly popular in Saskatchewan?

  • Engineering, Agriculture, and health programs are popular in Saskatchewan. Because of Saskatchewan’s principal industries, graduates from these programs may have a range of job opportunities open to them after graduation.

Question: What is the cost of living in Saskatchewan?

  • In order to apply for a study permit, a potential international student must show that he or she has $10,000 in addition to tuition fees to cover living expenses in Saskatchewan. This equates to $833 per month.

Question: Are international students allowed to work during studies?

  • Yes international student can work 20 hours per week during the period of studies

Question: Who is eligible for Post study work visa?

  • International students who have successfully completed a program of more than 8 months from Designated Learning Institute (DLI)

Question: What are the durations of Post study work visa?

  • International students who have successfully completed a program of more than 8 months but less than 02 years from Designated Learning Institute (DLI) will get a work permit for the duration similar to the duration of study permit. If you have studied 02 years program from Designated Learning Institute (DLI) will get a work permit of three years.

Question: Can depend spouse and children accompany with international student?

  • Yes they can travel with international student

Question: Can dependent spouse work during the study tenure of the student?

  • Yes he/she can work full time on open work permit