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Bags packed, flight tickets booked, all set to explore the land of technology , but wait here are few things you must know about LIVING IN GERMANY AS A STUDENT.

  • German universities have a high multicultural atmosphere, so among your classmates you will meet several nationalities, like Turkish, Lithuanians, Portuguese, French, etc.
  • The country offers free education to its residents and is considered to be a highly safe and attractive living and working environment.
  • Although most German universities provide student accommodation, the number of available rooms is always limited. Around 40 % of international students in Germany choose to live in student residences, due to low costs.
  • In cities like Munich, Cologne, Frankfurt and Hamburg it is the most difficult to find student housing.

Germany is not only a beautiful country, it is also one of the most powerful countries in Europe. With high growth and low unemployment, it is the perfect place to go if you are looking for a job. Germany is also one of the countries that is seeking highly qualified employees to work in well-paid positions, and encourages all young and skilled people to come visit and look for places to work. So if you have decided that you would like to work there, the first things you need to do is get a Germany job seeker visa.

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ISAS Consultants team of specialists has over 17+ years of experience in immigration services, and have helped thousands of people to study and work in the Germany.

Germany is a place to be when it comes to the quality of higher education, research infrastructure, teaching methodology, low-cost studies, and career prospect. That is why many internationals continue to believe that Germany is the best place for pursuing their higher education further.

On the other hand, not every foreign person is able to pursue such a dream, right away. This because several nationalities are NOT allowed to enter and stay in the territory of Germany without enjoying the appropriate German Visa.

Therefore, being a foreigner who:

  • Just received the Acceptance Letter from a German University,
  • Soon is expected to get a Response on his/her University Application in a University in Germany.

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ISAS will help you in obtaining the acceptance letter from German University and will process your visa application successfully.