Here at ISAS Consultants, ensuring the safety of your personal data is our responsibility. We do not use your personal data for any other purpose except for your case processing.

We will never disclose your personal data with any organization that is not a part of ISAS, without your permission although; if required, ISAS may share your data with government authorities as per requirements of state law.

The data you submit through our website is handled by our employees who, are not allowed to use your data for any purpose other than the ISAS’s needs.

What info we collect?
The data we collect includes; your personal information, educational record, family info and work history.

How we use your data?
We use your data only for your assessment and case processing.

Can this policy be changed by us in the future?
Yes, ISAS reserves the right to change this policy anytime in accordance to the ever evolving needs of our business.
These terms and conditions are to be applied to all users who willingly provide their information by submitting their applications for assessment and case processing purpose using our website. Therefore you agree to these terms and conditions.