You can apply for a Global Talent visa if you work in a qualifying field and have
been endorsed:

  • as a recognised leader (exceptional talent)
  • as an emerging leader (exceptional promise)
  • under the UK Research and Innovation endorsed funder option

To get a Global Talent visa, you need to apply to be endorsed:

  • as a leader (exceptional talent)
  • as an emerging leader (exceptional promise)
  • under the UK Research and Innovation endorsed funder option

Your application will be reviewed by an organisation that’s related to your
qualifying field, called an endorsing body. The endorsing bodies are:

  • The Royal Society, for science and medicine
  • The Royal Academy of Engineering, for engineering
  • The British Academy, for humanities
  • Tech Nation, for digital technology
  • Arts Council England, for arts and culture
  • UK Research and Innovation (UKRI), for research applicants

The endorsing bodies for science, engineering, humanities and medicine accept
applications from applicants who are active researchers in academic, industry or
government research institutions, in a range of disciplines in the areas of science,
engineering, humanities and medicine.

You need to complete 2 stages to get this visa.
You need to:

  • apply to the Home Office for endorsement as a leader or an emerging leader in
    your particular field
  • apply for the visa

Most people apply for endorsement first, but you can complete both applications
at the same time. However, if your endorsement is refused, your visa application
will also be refused and you will not get any money back for either application.

How long it will take?

After you get your endorsement, the earliest you can apply for a visa is 3 months
before you travel.
Example: You can apply from 16 March if you plan to travel on 15 June.
You should get a decision on your visa within 3 weeks when you apply from
outside the UK.

How long you can stay?

You can apply to stay for between 1 and 5 years. You only have to pay
the healthcare surcharge for the amount of time you choose to stay.
You can apply to extend your visa as many times as you like. Each extension can
last from 1 to 5 years.
You can apply for settlement once you’ve been in the UK for:

  • 3 years with an exceptional talent visa
  • 3 years with an exceptional talent endorsement in science
  • 3 years with an endorsement under the UKRI endorsed funder scheme
  • 5 years with an exceptional promise endorsement in either arts and culture or
    digital technology

You can:

  • work – for an employer, as a director of a company or be self-employed
  • change jobs without telling the Home Office
  • do voluntary work
  • travel abroad and return to the UK
  • bring family members with you

    You cannot:

  • get public funds
  • work as a doctor or dentist in training
  • work as a professional sportsperson or sports coach

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