3 things that can increase your chances of getting hired in NZ

An individual might possess all the required skills that are needed to get him/her a job in New Zealand but that is not the end of the story. There are still some factors one needs to overcome in order to perfectly fit in into the New Zealand job scene.

Here is a list of factors one should be mindful of in order to be all set for their respective jobs in the New Zealand marketplace:

Get familiar with the New-Zealand workplace environment:
Try to understand the workplace environment of New Zealand, this will be handy for you as it will show your employer that you know how the kiwi workplace functions.

Learn the difference between English and Kiwi-English:
The style and accent of the English language spoken by Kiwis is slightly different than the normal English, so an individual no matter how well versed he is in English, might experience some problems in understanding the local Kiwi lingo. It is advised to get comfortable with the Kiwi English beforehand to avoid any problems.

Try some volunteering work:
Taking part in jobs that a volunteering based is a great way to make connections and to get familiarized with the way New-Zealand works. Also, it helps out the individual to gain experience in skills that may turn out to be valuable when he/she applies for the actual job.


Must try food and drinks in New Zealand

Great! So you have finally landed in New Zealand and after you find your place to stay and make some other arrangements you are all set to do some sightseeing and a little bit of adventuring. Finding a decent place to stay and the places to sight see in New Zealand are very well documented but what about the food?
Since you are in New Zealand, it would not be a very wise choice not to try out the food New Zealand is famous for. The local cuisine offers just about everything ranging from simplicity to outlandish foods, from a tourist’s perspective of course.

So here is a list of some of the must-haves if you are in New Zealand:


1) Pavlova 

This is a type of delicious cake that melts in the mouth, topped with cream and fruit. It is the prime go to dessert for Kiwis, popular primarily for its sweetness and tenderness.

2) “L&P”

L and P, This is a beverage (soft drink) that can only be found in New Zealand. Chances for finding this in another country are very rare. L&P basically is a mixture of lemonade and carbonated water obtained from the town of Paeroa.

3) Kiwifruit

Going to New Zealand and not eating the famed Kiwifruit? That’s not right. Although the fruit is available everywhere but who ever visits New Zealand has to try the tangy fruit.

4) Lamb Meat / Mutton Meat

New Zealand is a country that is estimated to have around a 10-1 ration of sheep to human. Meaning, for every single human, 10 sheep are present. This means that a visitor can ask for lamb meat at just about any particular restaurant