Newsletter July 2019

The month of June has again been very exciting in terms proposals and changes in the immigration policies of major migrating countries. Some of the highlights includes:
The Trump’s government has proposed US’ immigration policy’s shifting from family immigration and H-1B visas to a points based skilled migration plan like Canada and Australia. This gives an indication that the world’s talent hunting race between the major countries will become more competitive. The expected entry of USA into the points based skilled immigration might help to lower down the points selection criteria of Australia and Canada. On the other hand Australia, New-Zealand and Canada will continue to promote  regional sponsored pathway for migration instead of independent visa class. Furthermore, Australia’s skilled category quota for this financial year 2019/2020 has been lowered by 30000  whereas Canada’s hasincreased their quota of number of skilled migrant for the current financial year.

Overall it is expected that the residence policies of most countries will shift from offering direct permanent residency to a regional based sponsorship visas.
As getting closer to Brexit, UK’s new ‘start up’ and  “Innovator Visa” are slowly but gradually gaining popularity in the market. It is expected that the “Start Up Visa” in particular will be a very successful visa for young entrepreneurs. 
Germany is beginning to gain ground to attract foreign talent by offering a similar point based immigration system as other countries to do. The skilled category is expected to be launched in early 2020.

Currently, Switzerland and Singapore have been rated as the largest skilled talent hunting countries of the world.  
Saudi Arab has recently announced a premium residence program in which first time permanent residence stream has been made accessible to aspiring applicants. 
UK and Canada are shaping up their student visa policies to become more attractive destinations in the coming years, while it appears that international student visapolicies of Australia, USA and New Zealand would not be as promising as before. Consequently, it is expected that new policies of the countries would not allow a permanent settlement options for international students after studies.  

Top News for July 2019

Newsletter June 2019

The overall skilled migration trend indicates a downward movement mainly due to the governments’ policies of localization and the unemployment level in the major skilled workforce attracting countries. However, new policies are currently in the pipelines that will dissipate this situation.

There are some changes in the immigration policies are expected in the US and UK in near future which would attract the world’s skilled work force towards these countries. Meanwhile, countries like Germany, Singapore and Switzerland show promising prospects for people having skills in the engineering and information technology fields. Apart from the above there were quite a number of approvals seen for Family Sponsorship Cases of USA during the last month.   

Coming towards the New Zealand, Australia and Canada region – the skilled immigration points criteria has continued to remain at the higher side. In Canada  it went up to 470 points earlier in end of May and then again showed a downward trend later in mid-June. In Australia the last 02 rounds’ selections have been as high as 75 and 80 points for most of the occupations with only 100 each EOIs were picked up for processing. Experts suggest that keeping high points and slow processing of applications are being used by the governments to manage the immigrant inflow in these countries.

On the contrary, the present situation in the Gulf region will remain vulnerable for the skilled workforce but it is expected that this uncertainty in the market will only last for temporary period. The recently announced investment and business migration policies by UAE and KSA is a highly encouraging indicator for those considering these markets as a good business and investment prospects .

The countries like USA, UK, Australia, Canada and New Zealand would continue to increase the inflow of students but without compromising quality – for a serious and genuine students particularly for post graduate STEM programs, the current situation is very encouraging to apply.

By: Maraj Ahmed
Managing Director 

Top News for June 2019

Study in New Zealabd for Pakistani students


Study in New Zealabd for Pakistani students

— New Policy, New Opportunities —

  1. More chances for students to be eligible for PR after studies
  2. High visa chances for study in NZ’s regional institutions
  3. Full time work rights on PhD or Masters by research program
  4. One year job search visa after studies
  5. 20 hr/wk work during studies for Level 7 or Higher
  6. Full time work rights for spouse (for level 8 or higher program).
  7. Affordable tuition fee, to be paid after visa approval
  8. Religious tolerance and multicultural environment
  9. Quality education with world best ranked universities
  10. Fast visa processing with ISAS Consultants’ higher ratio of success
  11. Encouraging visa policy for post graduate level studies in Engineering, IT, Education, Food Science & Media Sciences

For more info contact ISAS Consultants today!
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Phone: 021 3-4987124 / 4980174
Skype: isas.consultants

New Zealand Education Expo – Regent Plaza Karachi [PHOTO GALLERY]

NZ Education promotion has now kicked off in Pakistan!

ISAS would like to thank Allah and all of you who have made our yesterday’s event (NZ Education – Karachi Expo) a great success.

A large participation from the interested candidates was beyond our expectations and interestingly majority of participants were meeting the current criteria of New Zealand student visa at post graduate level.

According to some of the participants, a one to one meeting with trained counselors and licensed advisor has made it a wonderful opportunity to them to discuss their cases in detail and get the assessment outcome on the spot.

We are now moving to Lahore to conduct the same on 1st November at Avari hotel with the aim that talented Lahorities should not miss the opportunity to explore New Zealand and to asess their chances of eligibility.

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Must try food and drinks in New Zealand

Great! So you have finally landed in New Zealand and after you find your place to stay and make some other arrangements you are all set to do some sightseeing and a little bit of adventuring. Finding a decent place to stay and the places to sight see in New Zealand are very well documented but what about the food?
Since you are in New Zealand, it would not be a very wise choice not to try out the food New Zealand is famous for. The local cuisine offers just about everything ranging from simplicity to outlandish foods, from a tourist’s perspective of course.

So here is a list of some of the must-haves if you are in New Zealand:


1) Pavlova 

This is a type of delicious cake that melts in the mouth, topped with cream and fruit. It is the prime go to dessert for Kiwis, popular primarily for its sweetness and tenderness.

2) “L&P”

L and P, This is a beverage (soft drink) that can only be found in New Zealand. Chances for finding this in another country are very rare. L&P basically is a mixture of lemonade and carbonated water obtained from the town of Paeroa.

3) Kiwifruit

Going to New Zealand and not eating the famed Kiwifruit? That’s not right. Although the fruit is available everywhere but who ever visits New Zealand has to try the tangy fruit.

4) Lamb Meat / Mutton Meat

New Zealand is a country that is estimated to have around a 10-1 ration of sheep to human. Meaning, for every single human, 10 sheep are present. This means that a visitor can ask for lamb meat at just about any particular restaurant




Australian Immigration has reduced Residence Application Processing in 2015


In 2015, Australian Immigration has reduced Residence Application Processing Time and now the application at residence stage is taking between 6-8 months.

We have so far received 10+ grants from Jan-April 2015 in which successful clients are:

IT Professionals (Software Engineer, Computer Network & Systems Engineer etc.)
Engineering Professionals (Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, Aeronautical etc.)

If your occupation falls in any of the above with at least 03 years relevant work experience, you are highly recommended to check chances for Australian Skilled Immigration.
Interested Candidates can contact us at:

Further information visit OR schedule your appointment please contact

D-2 Provincial Trade Centre
SB-39 Block 13-B University Road
Gulshan-e-Iqbal Karachi
Tel: +92213-4987124 / 4980174 / 03062622004


KIWI’s are the happiest people in the world


According to a study, it has been found that Kiwi’s are generally much more content as compared to the population of the rest of the world. In a 2014 study, which included around 10,000 people revealed that around 8 out of 10 Kiwi’s rated their life above or equal to 8 in terms of overall happiness.

About 90% of New Zealanders rated their contentment on the higher side.

It was also observed that for a normal New Zealander, four particular factors play a key role in the increase and the sustainability for a Kiwi, those factors included;

  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Relationships
  • A nice place to live

Beside the above factors, the different stages of life such as youth, adulthood and old age played a key role in determining the happiness of a Kiwi’s. Education was also an important factor to some extent for their happiness.
According to the NZ Statistics:

“Qualification level is a key determinant of the level of personal income. The more qualified a person is, the more likely they are to earn a higher income which could explain the relationship between HIGHER EDUCATION and overall life satisfaction.”

So, according to this survey, Education is something that can be cashed upon by individuals that are looking to get settled over at New-Zealand. The more skill or the more qualified a person is, the more chances the individual will have of finding a more than decent source of income in New Zealand and to be part of those 90% Kiwis that are the happiest people on earth.

ISAS provides you with the opportunity to go forward and grab the chance to get study and settled permanently in New Zealand.

Interested? Send your CV for free assessment today at;